Our company was established in December, 2009. Currently, we are supplying LED parts to large corporations such as Daewoo Electronics, Carrier and to smaller companies in the Gwangju Hi-tech Industrial Complex.

Since 2010, we started to invest on R&D for a skin care device and a skin diagnosis device to diversify, globalize, and enhance our business. In 2016, we have developed and produced the skin care device, ‘IONMIi’. IONMI is our main product that has several beneficial effects; skin suppression effect due to galvanic ion effect, improvement of physical recuperative power due to micro-current effect, bacteria destruction by using LED skin therapy method, and enhancement of skin transparency due to vibration functions.

In addition we have developed skin disease diagnosis device ‘Smart Wood Lamp’ which is equipped with function and used UV LED instead of UV Lamp, which was used on existing wood lamps. We are striving to attain 10 percent growth every year

Under our motto ‘Provide top quality service, resonable price, and quick delivery to our customers’, we are doing our best to make world-class skin care devices. Through a definite vision and preparation for the future, we will impress our customers and cooperate business partners worldwide with constant growth and quality management system.