CEO’s Greeting

DAESIN Electronics Co., Ltd. is

DAESIN Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and producing beauty equipment, used for the management, condition improvement and diagnosis of human skin, etc. and Wire hamess (connection work of all kinds of wires), the electronic components for white goods. Our company was founded in December 2009 and is growing by providing electronic components and LED parts for major companies such as DAEWOO Electronics and CARRIER, etc. and small and medium companies in Cheomdan Gwangju

Since 2013, we have invested resolutely in R&D for the diversification, globalization and sophistication of business and started to research and develop of skin beauty equipment and skin diagnosis device. In 2016, we have completed development of IONMI and have been selling it in domestic and overseas.

We are introducing IONMI and IONMI-U as flagship products, which create transparent skin texture through galvanic ion effect of skin soothing and increase in absorption rate of cosmetics, Micro-Current effect of skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity enhancement by using LED skin therapy, whitening and vibration effect.

Also, we are striving to achieve the goal of growing over 10% every year. In the medical diagnostic part, we manufactured skin disease diagnostic wood lamp, used in the dermatology department, with UV LED and developed smart wood lamp, for which shooting function applied.

All our executives and employees are trying to do all we can to create the world’s best product for completion of the managerial goal, ‘The corporate that provides customers with trust and happiness’ by offering the services in accordance with the business strategy of company such as the best quality, reasonable price and coping with short term delivery. In addition, we will cooperate with worldwide business partners and affect customers by establishing a sustainable development and quality management system with the definite vision and preparation.